History: The Rolling Stone Weekender 2010

Following the inaugural Rolling Stone Weekender last autumn, the organizers FKP Scorpio Concert Productions and Rolling Stone were delighted to welcome more than 3500 guests this time around – an increase of over 1000 compared to the previous year. Most of the holiday park’s apartments and hotel rooms were booked up long before the event.

“The Rolling Stone Weekender is well on the way to matching the success of the English model of indoor festivals staged on the beachfront, as well as becoming a permanent fixture on Germany’s rock music calendar. A quality programme of aspiring newcomers and established rock legends and a relaxed atmosphere last autumn provided the best possible recommendation for this season’s Weekender, as well as contributing significantly to a near 50% increase in attendance” – Folkert Koopmans, managing director of FKP Scorpio Concert Productions, offers his explanation of this massive public interest.

With regard to the number of concerts, FKP Scorpio and Rolling Stone magazine upped the ante second time around: 27 bands and artists rocked in three different locations, including a 60 metre wide circus tent. The musical programme was complemented by a workshop with editors from Rolling Stone magazine, readings and an afternoon of cinema.

Many ideas proposed by visitors in 2009 have been put into practice this year. The opening times of catering facilities have been brought into line with the eating habits of festivalgoers and additional stalls promise greater variety.

The Weekender actually boasted a world premiere: legendary promoter Fritz Rau was due to give a lecture on the Saturday morning, but ill health prevented the octogenarian from travelling. Instead of cancelling, however, a live stream to Kronberg in Taunus was set up so that Fritz was able to make his passionate and entertaining case for the breaking down of distinctions between popular and serious music via a video screen. The packed auditorium rewarded the speaker with resounding applause.

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